About College

The speech of the Dean

By the name of Allah

The Physical Education and Sport Science college in Al-maaqal University was founded in18 Nov, 2021 in the Republic of Iraq to be a sport sunshade with educational and social dimensions that serve institutions and society.  Hence, I have to commend the great educational and humanitarian role played by the virtuous educator and official sponsor of Al-maaqal University, Mr. Mansour Naim Al-Sukaini, where I raise my hat out of respect and appreciation for his honorable person by establishing this scientific and educational edifice for the College of Physical Education and Sports Science. Thus, it constitutes the main dimension for the development of sports activities and scientific care for our dear students in the Ministries of Higher Education and Education and the ministries associated with them. Where the college aims, through its general mission, to create a harmonious relationship between the college and the faculties of physical education in local and Arab universities, through joint activities between the college and the rest of the colleges, as well as qualifying the educational and training staff and providing research and studies to solve the problems of society and its future aspirations. Where our college seeks in addition to its counterpart, the College of Physical Education / University of Basra to strive to improve its input from students and prepare them educationally, scientifically and professionally to become physical education teachers in middle and preparatory schools in addition to the contribution of the college by devoting its efforts to achieving important development in the sports and youth sectors as well as members of the community by preparing programs and plans related to training and development courses And its approaches in exploiting the free time of young people and provide the university community with a distinguished teaching staff which own the foundations of quality assurance system, and ensuring the continuity of its work by spreading the culture of quality among its team, and put a roadmap for achieving quality standards to obtain international recognition and entry within the global ranking indicators.

May Allah grant us success and you. He is the best Lord and the best supporter

In the last, All appreciation to my fellow professors at our generous university, as well as to all my brothers, colleagues and sons of the teaching staff and my students in our young college where their names were recorded in the first session of physical education in the history of the college for the academic year .2020/2021, which numbered (73) seventy-three students..   

                The College of the Physical Education and Sports Sciences was founded in the 2021-2022 Academic Year in compliance with Order No.13754 dated in the 21st Nov., 2021, issued by The Foundation Department affiliated to the Board of the Private University Education in the Ministry of Higher  Studies and Scientific Research (MHSSR). The Order has come after the full consent of His Highness the MHSSR Minister to found this College in the 18th Nov., 2021. Hence, the College runs its first steps under the slogan (We Work to be Initiative and Distinguished).


                   The Vision of the College is to accomplish its own distinctive touch as  well as its individuality in the physical learning in both Academic and Applied fields. Moreover, it looks forward to be pioneering in enhancing the hoped-for constructive participation of all sports organizations in accordance with the Quality Criteria and Social Needs. The College is planned to be a brilliant hallmark and distinctive sign among many other sports organizations and social foundations available on the spot.


                The College has set its message to obtain the perfect preparations of the enrolled students through providing them with the knowledge needed and training them on the capabilities  as well as the skills necessary for each. In addition, it aims not only to create the skilled personnel, but also to enhance the motivations adequate for the ideal utilization of the human resources to serve the Society.

 The Aims

The College aims to provide    the student with highly- qualified skills in all aspects whether Sports, Behaviours, and Learning as the College surely follows modern techniques and methods

The College contributes to develop the Scientific research movement in  all-out  sports fields in order to enhance its role in growing and developing the competitive spirits proper.

The College aims to work on triggering the awareness of the importance of sports and spread the related culture in the society in general, and in the academic community, in particular.

The College aims to bridge the gaps between the academic learning and its applications on the spot as to create all chances to link both of them in order to serve the real interaction between them.

The College aims to contribute in creating a liable environment compatible with the academic life and its conditions and circumstances in order to spread the culture of amiability and warmth, effectiveness and spree.

The College aims to exchange the experiences among the related organizations on domestic and pan-Arab as well as worldly circles.

Outputs of the College

The College works on preparing the teachers and trainers of the Physical Education as being the only adequate and well-qualified professionals that have the capabilities,  and qualifications on teaching and training in order to:

Enable them to direct, manage and set plans for  all the Specialized Sports Organizations such as clubs  and  professional schools.

Initiate and run proper organizations whose roles are  not only to offer all sports services- organizations such as Fitness clubs but also to prompt the sports awareness of weight loss and body-building.

Experience all activities of treatments, remedies and rehabilitation through experiencing sports drills and exercise; especially those injuries becoming of sports or in the wake of surgical operations.

Found the schools that are  professional and specialized in the sports games since these activities are rendered among the sources of  the utilization of the  human resources in the world.



Students will develop speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills.

Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

Students will acquire, evaluate, and analyze information; develop sound reasoning skills; and apply the principles of the scientific method.

Quantitative Reasoning

Students will develop skills in problem-solving, logical thinking, and application of the treatment planning processes.

Community / Global Awareness

Students will recognize and appreciate diversity, historical viewpoints, and the global perspective.

Individual Development

Students will cultivate ethical values, personal wellness, and personal learning strategies.

Information Management

Students will apply technological methods to retrieve, process, and communicate information.

Workplace Application of Skills

Students will synthesize technical skills and industry knowledge to succeed in a work environment.